Cheesy Pepper Jack Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Cheesy Pepper Jack Roasted Brussels Sprouts - tender, buttery and caramelized brussels sprouts that are roasted to perfection with onions and cheese!


  1. Posted by breannabearrr, — Reply

    So good! I’ve made this quite a bit. I started chopping up uncooked bacon and throwing that on top while it bakes. It just takes a few more minutes! Awesome recipe!

  2. Posted by lorawilson94, — Reply

    Very good recipe was perfect I added to my recipe to add a little more flavor to avoid dryness

  3. Posted by KaylaLucky18, — Reply

    pretty good! if you cannot handle spicy food, I would recommend not making this exact recipe

  4. Posted by micholiver1969, — Reply

    What is partially dried parsley??

  5. Posted by carolc5978, — Reply

    Forgot to take pictures but they were so good

  6. Posted by christiwarh, — Reply


  7. Posted by sylvie_briseboi, — Reply

    Very very good

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